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My Next Step

What do you do after you make the decision to follow Jesus? Go to church? Try to be a better person? Read the Bible? If we didn’t know better, we might think that being a christian means being a better person and going to church. In reality, the Bible says something completely different. It says that being a christian means living life like Jesus did. That’s a whole lot different than just being good and going to church.

So, how do we live like Jesus? This site contains five studies that explain, in practical terms, how we can imitate the way Jesus lived in our normal lives.

You can listen to the chapters or read the studies by yourself or in a group. A really good way to go through this study is to listen to the chapter by yourself, and then go through the study and the questions with another person. And the best part is: we are giving away the e-book and all of the digital resources!   (We only ask that you also share these resources freely with others.)

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